The key for a relaxing holiday

Make your trip more simple

In order to feel comfortable in a city and stay connected, there are different mobile applications that you can easily download. They give you useful information on different places to visit, restaurants, taxi, monuments and travel guides. You will be able to stay in touch with your family and friends as well as save 100% of roaming charges thanks to prepaid SIM cards like those available at Simoptions for instance.


Choose your destination

Are you looking forward to a trip to Europe? Take your time to choose a destination that sweeps you off your feet.

Use the help of a travel agency

Different travel agencies offer you services for safaris according to your budget and your desires, more infos on


Book your accommodation

Cities like London, Rome and Paris are so popular that you should book your accommodation in advance. So make a reservation and join the fun.

Discover guidebooks

Guidebooks are very practical and can accompany you throughout your trip to Europe. If you are a solo traveler then your guidebook is your leader.

Determine your budget

If you are planning a cheap trip to Europe, it is important to not exceed your budget to avoid unpleasant surprises and unwaited emergencies.

Get help from the internet

Find all the information you need for a successful weekend in Europe thanks to people’s opinions that you can read on forums.

trip to Europe

All the must-see places to visit when travelling in Europe

Visit Budapest

Visit Budapest, the pearl of the Danube

It is renowned for its rich history and nightlife, and is particularly suitable for small budgets.

Visit Brussels

Visit Brussels, the European Capital

Brussels is known as the seat of many European institutions, it is also a culturally cosmopolitan city.


Paris "The City of Lights"

Beyond the most famous pictures and monuments, Paris has a lot to offer to visitors and holidaymakers.

Visit London, the must-see spots

London, the world city, is one of those metropolises where a surprise awaits you on every street corner.


Working in Europe

As an EU citizen, you can work as an employee without a work permit in any EU country. However, you can only reside in some countries under certain conditions.

Find an apartment in Europe

When you arrive in your new city, you will have to look for offers and try to visit apartments. If you have already contacted owners before leaving, you must visit the housing and wait for the answer.