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How to spend your evenings in a motorhome when it rains?

But what can you do in a motorhome to occupy an evening or a rainy day? If you are temporarily confined inside your camper van, here are some ideas for activities that will make you forget the rain! There’s a…

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Autumn gourmet recipes to be made in motorhomes

Autumn is here, the temperatures are getting colder… It’s time to modify your cooking recipes a little to adapt them to the season and have fun. This week we present 3 gourmet recipes to make in a special autumn motorhome….

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The questions to ask yourself before buying an RV

You are considering investing in a motorhome, but you are not yet sure of your choices? Here are the questions to ask yourself before buying a motorhome! Buy a motorhome according to your needs Which type of vehicle to choose?…

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On the way to the Gers in the motorhome

Located in the heart of Gascony, enjoy hilly and green countryside, an extremely rich historical heritage and, of course, the department’s world-famous cuisine. Fill up with fois-gras and duck confit! It is a magnificent region to discover. Don’t hesitate any…

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Outdoor activities to do during a camper van trip

For your trips in motorhomes, vans or vans, we have listed some ideas for outdoor activities to do during a road-trip! You can do activities with family, friends, couples or even alone. You won’t have time to get bored! Games…

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