Outdoor activities to do during a camper van trip

Published on : 07 July 20205 min reading time

For your trips in motorhomes, vans or vans, we have listed some ideas for outdoor activities to do during a road-trip! You can do activities with family, friends, couples or even alone. You won’t have time to get bored!

Games of skill


Let’s start this selection of outdoor activities with the Mölkky! In fashion recently, it is not uncommon to see a family or a group of friends playing by the sea or in parks. The goal is to aim right but also to be strategic to reach 50 points. To do this, certain rules must be respected:

– If a player drops more than one pin, he earns as many points as the number of pins knocked down,

– If a player drops a single pin, he earns as many points as the number written on it,

– be careful, if you exceed 50 points by mistake, you start again at 25!

Tip: know that there is an application to count points. Practical to follow and not to be wrong…

Set of wooden rings

Let’s stay in the wooden games with a game that is not new: the wooden ring game! The advantage of this activity is that it is very simple and can keep you busy for several hours. The rules are simple, put the structure on the ground, take 4 or 5 meters of distance and then try to throw the rings to score as many points as possible.

Tip: Make the game yourself! Nothing simpler, a few pieces of wood and a few screws will do!


We can’t talk about outdoor activities to do while travelling in a motorhome, not to mention… petanque! Actually, it’s universal sport. Everyone knows and everyone can play. We quickly get into the game, even for the uninitiated. So, “do you shoot or point”?

Balance games


To get busy on a road-trip, balance games can be a good solution. So slackline is one of them! This strap hangs between 2 trees and the goal is to transform into a tightrope walker. Work on your balance and try to cross the slackline from point A to point B, or even to go back and forth. For the more experienced, tricks are possible: jumps, reverse, seated starts, etc… To add difficulty, you can also play on the length of the slackline, its height and width. Good luck, balancers!

The Indo Board

We are talking here about a less well-known sport: the indo board. It is simply a wooden board placed on a roller. The goal is to keep in balance on it. As you go along, you can let yourself be tempted by a few moves on the board. Put yourself on the front, on the back, change sides, jump, etc… It is an activity to practice outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. The indo board is widely used by board sports enthusiasts such as surfing or skateboarding because it is a very good way to work on your balance!

Snowshoe games


In the outdoor games to do when travelling, there are also the famous snowshoes. You can play it anywhere, just have a partner. It is a simple game that doesn’t take up any space. A classic on the beaches!


Let’s stay in the racquet games with badminton. It is a rather pleasant game to play with friends or family. Moreover, here again, you can do it everywhere! 2 rackets, a steering wheel and the game starts.

Tip: the ideal is to have a net. You can find “laptops” that can be assembled very quickly and easily carried in your camper van. If not, use your imagination!

Ping Pong

Another outdoor activity to do while travelling: Ping-Pong. A fun activity, it is not uncommon to find tables at campsites but also in some areas or in tourist areas (lakes, playgrounds etc…). Remember to bring your rackets and balls as the equipment is rarely provided.

Tip: modular nets can be found in stores or on the Internet. You can install them on any table or wooden board. A great way to play impromptu Ping-Pong!

Balloon games

Football, Volleyball, Rugby, Basketball…

Of course, taking a balloon with you can be a good idea. Whether it is round or oval, it can make your children or friends happy. Football, basketball, rugby or volleyball, choose your favourite sport!

Tip: Like badminton, portable volleyball nets can be found. Your shutter field is everywhere, all the time. This also applies to football; modular cages are fairly easy to find in sports shops.

Other outdoor activities

The diabolo

A “toy” to take everywhere: the diabolo. The principle is simple, you have to turn the diabolo with 2 rods and perform figures with them. The advantage is that you can play it alone. You will find many tutorial videos to learn some tips and become a true expert in this practice, not as simple as you might think!


Frisbee is the disc that people throw themselves on the beaches. At first it is not easy to control your throw and have an optimal trajectory. To do this, it is necessary to understand the wind, and at first, it is not easy! If there are several of you, you can even try an ultimate game!

Kite flying

Notice to wind lovers, take a nice kite with you on your trip! It can be a good outdoor activity. Be careful not to take it out when there is too much wind or when there are too many people around. It is important to isolate yourself and have space so that you don’t hurt anyone and can manoeuvre.

You now have something to do during your road trips with all these outdoor activities!

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