How to prepare a safari in Africa: our advice

The African savannah is fascinating with its abundant fauna and magnificent landscapes. The safari adventure calls you? These few tips will help you plan your trip in the wilderness. Specify your dream To say that the safari supply is abundant…

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How to plan for an amazing safari?

Safari is the Swahili word for travel. In our case, quite rarely a walking trip. A motorized means of locomotion is indeed most often used; we speak of “game-drive” if it is a car (or equivalent). However, walking safari exists;…

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Having a good attitudes on safari

I admit that the title is a little provocative. But I must say that I saw attitudes on safari that were totally disrespectful to animals, the ecosystem or other travellers.  Either way, it is a little bit of these people…

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Now tips to make your safari photos a success in Africa

A safari in Africa is a very beautiful trip, which you don’t do every day. In order to be able to make the images of your dreams to remember this wild adventure in the Savannah, you have to be prepared!…

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Safari in Africa: essential advice to make your trip a success

When I was a child, my grandparents won a safari in Africa (Kenya to be precise) by participating in a draw in the local newspaper. They came back delighted. I remember their black and white photos. They told me that…

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Mistakes to avoid to make successful Safari

Going on a safari is always a privileged moment with nature. If you are not familiar with safaris, here are 10 mistakes to avoid making a successful safari. By following these tips, you should enjoy your safari better and come…

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