Vacation rentals

End of holiday rental, instructions for use

The end of the holidays is approaching. You must proceed to the final step of your rental: return the keys. It is an important formality to preserve the rights and duties of both the owner and the tenant. The inventory…

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Everything you need to know about seasonal rentals from one person to another

Renting a house or apartment for a short period of time for holidays is the principle of seasonal rental. It follows precise rules such as the establishment of a contract and a description. The accommodation must also be furnished and…

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Arrival to the property of your seasonal rental

That’s it, the holidays are starting! You are about to discover “for real” the house you have booked. What should we be aware of? Before you go on holiday Take all the necessary documents with you.  Take with you at…

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Book a holiday rental, how does it work?

Have you found the ideal accommodation for your holidays? From the contract to the insurance, including the description, the deposit, the deposit and the security deposit, we have marked out for you the ideal way to book a seasonal rental….

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