Arrival to the property of your seasonal rental

That's it, the holidays are starting! You are about to discover "for real" the house you have booked. What should we be aware of?

Before you go on holiday

Take all the necessary documents with you.  Take with you at the time of departure all the documents relating to the rental that may be useful to you when you arrive on site. Your signed copy of the rental contract, the attached description, the contact details of the owner, the keys if they have been sent to you by the Post Office before departure...

The handing over of the keys

It can be done by mail before your departure because the owner will not be present on the day of your arrival. In most cases, the owner himself or a trusted person designated by him will be responsible for welcoming you on D-Day and giving you the keys to your holiday home.

Establish an inventory and an inventory

As soon as you arrive, have the owner draw up a written inventory and inventory of fixtures.  These documents list the equipment, deteriorated elements, the list of missing objects, meter readings... These documents allow you to establish the conformity of the property you discover with the description received previously. If everything seems correct to you, you can sign and take the keys. Your holidays can start!

Pay the security deposit

The landlord very often requires a security deposit from the seasonal tenant, also known as a guarantee. Its amount will not come as a surprise to you, as it must have been specified in the lease agreement. It generally amounts to 20% of the total amount of the rental, but the law does not set a limit. Attention: the owner has the right to cash the cheque at the time of receipt.

Pay the balance of the rent

There is nothing to prevent the landlord from claiming full payment of the rent before entering the premises, but most of the time; you pay the balance when you hand over the keys.  Tip: Ask for a receipt for the amount and make sure that the amount you paid in deposit or instalment has been deducted from the total amount.
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