End of holiday rental, instructions for use

The end of the holidays is approaching. You must proceed to the final step of your rental: return the keys. It is an important formality to preserve the rights and duties of both the owner and the tenant.

The inventory of fixtures of exit

The owner checks when the holidaymakers leave; that the accommodation has not been damaged. The exit condition must be compared to the entry condition. This is the only way to be sure that the house has not been damaged during the stay and that nothing important is missing in the inventory... To be valid, this document must be signed by the landlord (or his representative) and the tenant.

The return of the security deposit

It takes place at the time agreed in the lease contract.  It usually takes place at the end of the stay or in the following days. In all cases, it must be carried out within 3 months at the latest. The amount of the security deposit may be reduced by the amounts covering the tenant's water, heating and electricity consumption, but only if the contract so provides. The owner may also deduct from the amount of the deposit the costs intended to cover repairs to be carried out in the dwelling if damage has been noted. The tenant is entitled to request proof of the costs charged to him.

And the charges

In seasonal rental, charges, including cleaning costs, may be fixed on a flat-rate basis in the contract. In this case, the owner will not be able to ask you for a supplement at the end of the stay. If it has been agreed in the contract that the charges will be invoiced on a consumption basis, they will be assessed at the end of the stay on the basis of a meter reading (water, electricity, gas, etc.). In this case, the tenant may require that the meter readings at departure and arrival be taken in front of him.

The little "extras" not to be neglected

Tenant; take the time to fill out the satisfaction questionnaire given to you by the landlord. It is a constructive and positive approach that should be encouraged. This increases the quality of the rental services. Take the time to leave an assessment on PAP Vacances.fr. You have the possibility to write a comment under the announcement of the property you have rented for your holidays. Positive or negative, your testimony has its place on our site because it allows the owner to know how his property is perceived by the public. It is also a valuable source of information for those looking for their holiday rental.
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