Everything you need to know about seasonal rentals from one person to another

Renting a house or apartment for a short period of time for holidays is the principle of seasonal rental. It follows precise rules such as the establishment of a contract and a description. The accommodation must also be furnished and equipped.

A mandatory contract

For seasonal rentals, a written contract is required (article L324-2 of the Tourism Code). Why? Why? Holiday rentals are not governed by any law. The contract is therefore the only way to ensure legal security for both the owner and the tenant. In the event of a dispute, it is this document and only it will make it possible to know which rules apply. The contract must be as clear and complete as possible. The quality of the rental depends on its quality. It specifies essential points such as the contact details of the landlord and the accommodation, the cost of the accommodation, the terms of payment, the maximum number of occupants, the days and hours of arrival and departure, the rules for the accommodation of the animals, the cancellation conditions, and the amount of the deposit...

A detailed description of the location

This is the other mandatory document for seasonal rentals. It is attached to the rental contract and must be given by the landlord to the tenant before any payment is made. It contains essential practical information on the qualities and environment of the dwelling: its interior and exterior condition, the equipment of each room, the proximity of shops, beaches, transport, etc. The description must also indicate the amount of rent, the rental period, as well as the departure and arrival dates and times.

A furnished and equipped accommodation

Unlike the "classic" furnished rental, there is no legal list of essential elements for seasonal rentals. What should a holiday home contain to ensure a comfortable stay for the tenant? PAP experts recommend "offering holidaymakers all the equipment they need to live normally in the area, while bringing only their personal belongings". Basic furniture (chairs, table, quality beds, bedside tables, sofa, coffee table, cupboards...), useful household appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, stove, oven...) but also lighting, decoration elements... In short, the housing must be habitable and offer a welcoming and comfortable living environment to the occupants.

The most that make the difference

Holidaymakers are looking for practical and comfortable accommodation. To make the difference, PAP experts advise owners to provide a range of additional equipment that will be much appreciated. For practical purposes, for example, it is necessary to think of small electrical appliances (coffee maker, kettle, microwave, vacuum cleaner, iron, etc.). Cleaning equipment (broom, mop, etc.) is welcome. Some basic food products will be able to be added to the cupboards. As tourists become more and more connected, Wi-Fi becomes essential. Finally, parents will be delighted to find, for toddlers, a folding bed, high chair, pool accessories, etc.
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