Book a holiday rental, how does it work?

Have you found the ideal accommodation for your holidays? From the contract to the insurance, including the description, the deposit, the deposit and the security deposit, we have marked out for you the ideal way to book a seasonal rental.

The rental contract and the description

For seasonal rentals, a contract and a description are mandatory. The contract must be sent to the tenant in duplicate, who will return a signed copy within 15 days maximum. The price of the rental must imperatively appear there, as well as a maximum of information on the property and the conditions of the stay (charges, duration of the rental, amount of the security deposit and the reservation cheque, description of the property, etc.). The description of the premises, which is also mandatory, provides the tenant with all the practical and technical information relating to the accommodation in a more precise manner. For each part, it indicates its general condition and equipment, dates and times of departure and arrival...

 The payment of a deposit or deposit

To make the reservation official, the tenant pays a certain amount to the owner. It usually amounts to 25% of the total amount of the rental. This cheque is attached to the reservation letter sent to the owner. The other essential information that must be included in the description is the nature of this payment: is it a deposit or a down payment? If the owner claims a deposit, the amount paid by cheque will be deducted from the total rental price if you confirm your choice. If the tenant changes his mind, he will not be able to recover this amount. The money will go directly into the landlord's pocket. If the owner asks for a deposit, the tenant loses the possibility of withdrawing and runs the risk of being asked for the full amount by the owner, even if he no longer wishes to rent the property. In short, for the tenant it is less risky to pay a deposit than a deposit.

The security deposit

In seasonal rental, the owner is entitled to request, in the rental contract, a deposit also called a security deposit. Its repayment terms must also be specified. In theory, in the context of a seasonal rental from private individual to private individual, its amount is free. In practice, it represents between 20% and 30% of the rent. The payment of the security deposit takes place most frequently on the day of arrival after the inventory of fixtures. What about its return? It is carried out at the time of the inventory of fixtures of exit, if no degradation has been observed. This refund can also be made within a reasonable period of time set out in writing in the rental contract (between 7 and 10 days on average).

Seasonal rental insurance

Insurance is not a requirement for seasonal rentals. Nevertheless, it is advisable to ask the landlord if the accommodation is well covered during the period you occupy it. If the landlord does not insure the property on behalf of all successive tenants, the tenant must do so himself for the duration of his stay. How? It is by using the "holiday" clause of his multi-risk home insurance if he has one, or by taking out term insurance with his company.
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