How to spend your evenings in a motorhome when it rains?

But what can you do in a motorhome to occupy an evening or a rainy day? If you are temporarily confined inside your camper van, here are some ideas for activities that will make you forget the rain! There's a lot to do. By reading our article you will have only the embarrassment of choice to avoid going in circles! How to spend your evenings in a motorhome when it rains? We're giving you some leads!

Play board games

It is the ideal activity to keep your family busy in rainy weather. Board games, in addition to passing the time, will make you have a good time, not necessarily excited at first, everyone gets caught up in the game as the game progresses. We give you some examples of games, from classic to the most original...


A board game in which each player plays a villager or a werewolf, and whose general goal is: for the villagers (some of whom have powers): to unmask and kill all werewolves; for the werewolves: to eliminate all villagers.

Time's up

Time's up is a game that has been very successful in recent years! The goal of the game is simple: in three rounds (four depending on the version) and in a minimum of time, you must introduce your partners to as many characters as possible...

The jungle speed

Jungle Speed is a speed game be careful to be reactive! Recognize the cards before the others and grab the totem pole first. Be careful with your fingers, the stakes can transform your opponents... The first to empty his pile of cards to win, the others will fight hard not to finish last.

Travel in France

This game will test your knowledge of the territory, monuments, departments, specialities, etc.... A great opportunity to share your anecdotes with your friends and it is also why not the opportunity to find your next destination in a camper van?

Watch your favourite movies

Most motorhomes have the equipment to watch your favourite movies.

Send postcards to your loved ones

When you don't know what to do, you can send news to your loved ones! We present you with a rather original service that brings the good old postcard up to date. Fizzer is a solution that allows you to send personalized postcards to the whole world. Very easy to use, this site allows you to create an online postcard, you personalize your card by adding photos and text, you add a recipient and Fizzer takes care of sending the card by mail within 24 hours.

Create and organize your holiday photo albums

You can keep busy by creating your holiday photo album, already sort through your photos, select the best ones and put them in your Cewe album. This is an application (available on IOS and Android) that allows you to create your custom photo album, choose your album, its format, insert your photos and edit them if necessary and you're done! It will be delivered to your home, as soon as you return from your holidays you can already relive the best moments.

Plan the next steps of your trip

Take advantage of the idle time to think about the rest of your vacation, plan and plan the next steps of your trip. Park4night is the ideal tool to make your motorhome trip a success. Members share with each other nice little corners, adapted parking spaces, emptying areas, camping sites... It is a simple and efficient application that you can download for free on the Apple Store and on Android.

Other possible activities

Cook, show the extent of your talents. In the motorhome, there is no question of eating everything and anything, use the kitchen area of your motorhome to prepare your best dishes. We regularly offer you recipes on our blog, enjoy them! Listening to music, there's nothing like sharing your playlist with friends or family. Reading, the holidays can allow you to discover new books, or to read your favourite books. Cleaning up, the activity is not really pleasant but it is essential... You will be very happy to enjoy a clean motorhome! Inviting your neighbours, the motorhome is above all about meeting people, why not invite your neighbours to have an aperitif or even for dinner? Here are some tips on how to spend your evenings in a motorhome when it rains? When it rains, there is no more boredom on rainy days or during your evenings.
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