The questions to ask yourself before buying an RV

You are considering investing in a motorhome, but you are not yet sure of your choices? Here are the questions to ask yourself before buying a motorhome!

Buy a motorhome according to your needs

Which type of vehicle to choose? What is the ideal template for your activities?

You have many choices between the different types of motorhomes, such as van, van, combi, integral, nasturtium and profile. If you travel with 2 or 3 people, if you like to visit big cities or travel in the mountains for hiking, a van or van is perfectly suited for you. Vans and vans are easy to handle and you can park more easily. The cantilever being generally short, it is easy to climb the mountain passes. If you are travelling with your family or travelling for long periods of time, you should prefer motorhomes. Indeed, a motorhome has the advantage of having a hold and more storage space.

To how many people do you want to leave? Are you going with or without children?

The number of people with whom you want to share your motorhome will determine its size. Choose a motorhome with the right number of beds for your needs. Indeed, if you have a large family, a larger motorhome will guarantee you absolute comfort. It is possible that the vehicle has fewer seats than beds. It is therefore important to check the number of seats on the vehicle registration document and the number of seat belts. If you are travelling with children, it is advisable to have more space in the camper so that the youngest can play freely when the vehicle is stationary.

How long will your trips last?

If you are adapted to long trips (several weeks), it is recommended to opt for motorhomes such as the profile, the integral or the nasturtium for maximum comfort. For short breaks (a few days), it is advisable to use a van or a converted van. Of course, your choice also depends on the amount of clothing, food and equipment you want to take on board!

What types of equipment or facilities are you considering?

The equipment of your motorhome is essential for your comfort! The living space of your vehicle must be adapted to your needs. For the layout of your motorhome, identify your priorities. What would you like to focus on? It is a large living room for family and friends to eat or a large bedroom? Also, remember to look at the different storage spaces, very practical during long trips. If you want to take tables, chairs, bicycles or even your scooter with you, a garage compartment will be very useful. For more practical motorhome fitting solutions, here are our dedicated articles: Top 5 of the best van and motorhome fittings, 10 tips for fitting out your motorhome, the different fitting solutions for vans or Optimizing the space in your motorhome.

When do you want to travel?

Identify the frequency of use of your motorhome and the periods of the year you wish to leave. This will help you in choosing the right engine for your vehicle! For trips in winter or in cold countries, it is advisable to opt for a heated cargo compartment and a double floor. On the other hand, if you travel in summer or in hot countries, make sure that the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning. You can also equip yourself with an air freshener.

What is your budget?

The calculation of your budget is fundamental among the questions to ask yourself before buying a motorhome! Before buying, calculate carefully the various costs to include in your budget: insurance price (generally more affordable than your car's), maintenance (engine maintenance, waterproofing test to be done every year) and additional costs (car registration, security, extra equipment, etc.).

Would you like to buy a new or used vehicle?

If you decide to buy a used vehicle, you must ensure that the roadworthiness test of the vehicle is up to date and that the leak test has been carried out every year. Also, check the number of kilometres on the odometer and the vehicle's registration document (number of seats, GVW and chassis number). If you choose a new vehicle, there are several advantages. On the financing side, credit institutions allow you to benefit from an extension of the guarantee during the term of the loan. A minimum amount to be funded is required (depending on the organization). In addition, dealers regularly offer price advantages on accessory packages (especially during open days and fairs).

Would you prefer to buy a motorhome from a professional or a private individual?

Ask yourself this question before buying a motorhome if you want to buy from a professional or a private individual. Professionals offer new and used vehicles. By buying your motorhome from a professional, you can benefit from a guarantee, a safety diagnosis and expert advice when you get started. The professional also takes care of the vehicle registration procedures. Choose a dealer near you who can easily follow the maintenance of your motorhome. Buying a motorhome from a private individual is common, however it is recommended to pay more attention to certain details when buying. Be careful if the rate is surprisingly low compared to the market. Visit the vehicle before paying the owner money. Also check that the vehicle's chassis number is the one mentioned on the car registration card.

Where to park the vehicle after purchase?

Do you have enough space at home to park the vehicle? Will your motorhome be able to sleep in a covered area? If you do not have a garage at home, rest assured, there are several possibilities to park your motorhome when you are not using it. You can use security! Multiple security centres are at your disposal such as Hivernage C.C. for example. You can also store your vehicle with a farmer, for this, Stockly makes it easier for you.

How to finance the motorhome?

For the purchase of a motorhome, many ways of financing are possible. You can apply for a loan from your bank or credit institution. There is also the loan between individuals or the LOA and the LER. Finally, you can make your purchase profitable by renting your motorhome to private individuals!
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