Beautiful Quebec cruises

Published on : 07 July 20202 min reading time

All you have to do is leave the mainland and be rocked on the bow of a boat to immediately feel like you’re on vacation. Here are 10 great cruises to do in Quebec to escape for a few hours or days.

Bonaventure Island, Gaspésie

We appreciate the Percé Rock more on the water than from the coast! In the process, we admire the thousands of gannet gannets who linger on Bonaventure Island.

Lachine Canal, Montreal

Crossing the canal offers a surprising view of the metropolis, and a fascinating historical perspective.

Saguenay Fjord, Saguenay

Did you know that it is nothing less than one of the longest fjords in the world that we have in our backyard? Its fauna is diversified, its nature is immersive.

Lower North Shore

Boat or plane, these are the two ways to visit the coast and its villages. And it is not in the air that you can take the time to appreciate and stop… Moreover, the Gulf has the splendour of the ocean!

Lake Champlain

To restrict oneself to the Quebec territory of this 200 km long lake is not without interest and promises splendid sunsets.

Quebec City

The national capital is rediscovering itself from a whole new point of view directly on the river. A 2-hour getaway takes us from Old Quebec City to Montmorency Falls via Île d’Orléans.


Forget the South and go to the Islands this summer! You can even go by boat from Montreal or Quebec City, so you can feel like you’re on vacation as soon as you board.

Richelieu River, Montérégie

Do you want to escape for a morning? Go to the Richelieu River to rediscover this waterway and its historical jewels, including the Fort of Chambly.


This cruise in this archipelago of 21 islands in the St. Lawrence River is spiced with anecdotes and stories from the region.


Cruise and Charlevoix means whales! The expedition of about 3 hours through the rich fauna of the St. Lawrence can be done on board large boats or zodiacs.

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