Countries that are not very famous and yet breath-taking

Need to change your destination for your next vacation? So, let's discover together the address book of the less famous countries of the Earth such as Finland, Macedonia and Oceania to have a quiet and enjoyable stay in a new naturally settled environment that may well please you.

Travelling to Finland!

The country of Scandinavia is a special country in Europe and a quarter of its land is above the Arctic Circle. This region is typically flat, characterized by a series of fairly low plateaus a few hundred metres above the sea. Rich in lakes and forests that cover more than half of the country, Finland offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature by admiring its superb forests, lakes, polar aurora and wild nature in Lapland. Also, Finnish holidays will be exceptional in winter by skiing or sledding with dogs, hiking in the forest, biking or canoeing, spa practice and winters in the saunas. Otherwise, in the land of fish, the cuisine is delicious with specialities based on seafood, game and bread.

Holidays in Macedonia

Have a good time in Macedonia. This small, little-known Mediterranean and Balkan country is becoming a place of celebration because of its active and modern nightlife and the urban renewal of its capital Skopje. Macedonia is a reliable destination in all seasons. Its remote mountains are ideal for sports activities such as mountaineering, cycling and hiking. In summer, Ohrid is the ideal destination for the summer festival with its extraordinary churches and 300 m deep lake. In winter, make way for skiing in Mavrovo. Enjoy the festivities in the capital on the occasion of the beer festivals, the Jazz festival and the Vendages festival.

Go to the island of Oceania

Oceania is probably the least discussed continent in the world and let us not even talk about its countries or islands. Tokelau, an archipelago of three islands located a few hundred kilometres from Samoa, is a remote place to enjoy a quiet holiday, enjoy the sea and dive into coral reefs and lagoons.
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