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Published on : 01 November 20193 min reading time

Lausanne is in the canton of Vaud, located in French-speaking Switzerland. It is cradled by Lake Geneva and is distinguished by the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. It houses the Olympic Park, the Olympic Museum, a Gothic cathedral with a beautifully decorated facade, the Palais de Rumine with its museums of fine arts and sciences. Castles, manors, a bucolic environment and vineyards form its charm. Therefore, organizing your event in the Lausanne region will allow you to enjoy all the elegance of this great city. But first….

Equipment and capacity

Some establishments ensure the layout, decoration and standardization of the room for practicality, while others leave the care and personalization to their clients. While there are those who rely on their collaboration with caterers, when they do not have their own restaurant, others prefer to make the latest technical means available. As for the number of places, each site has its own dedicated area ranging from 100 to 1200 depending on its structure. After all, for a limited budget and depending on the number of guests, the choice of the conference room rental professional, click here to find out more, starts with checking the layout of the audio-visual facilities. Secondly, it is also important that the place embodies the purpose of the event.

The framework

A seminar or company evening in a castle, manor house or old farm is an event rich in culture with historical discoveries. You can feed your curiosity or that of your guests with the marriage of modernity and elements specific to an era. Although this idea is idyllic, it must be recognized that a wonderful setting is not just buildings and fortresses. In Lausanne, it is possible to receive participants in a team bulding, a meeting or a conference in an unusual place. To organize your professional event in an extraordinary location, you must decide between a casino, a place that makes the region famous, the one in the heart of the vineyards, or on board a boat.

The panorama and the situation

The choice for this Swiss part is particularly for the superb view of Lake Geneva, the Rhône, the Alps and Mont-Blanc. In addition to the beauty of the horizon, professionals in conference room rental have not failed to bring an intoxicating atmosphere with flowery, green gardens or sculptures. To satisfy all tastes, these specialists are scattered throughout the region. To be able to offer a service close to everything, a part of these professionals has settled in the heart of the city. Another, on the other hand, decides to stand out at the foot of the city and a third in rural areas.


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