The 6 best restaurants in London

You don't know London yet? A single small inlet and a few hours by train or plane separate us from the British capital. There are many low-cost and Eurostar flights to London. It is almost cheaper to go to London than to the other side of France. From the bobo-chic districts of Notting Hill to the business districts of the City, London has more than one trick in its bag. It attracts with its many trendy shops, traditional pubs, national museums, emblematic monuments and a British atmosphere!

Jamie Oliver's Le Fifteen Restaurant

Address: 15 Westland Place, London N1 7LP Telephone: +44 870 787 787 1515 Neighbourhood: Islington Subway: Old Street Cooking: Mediterranean, international The concept of this restaurant, which comes from reality TV, is simple: 15 young people in difficulty supervised by a young chef, Jamie Oliver, who will teach them how to become chefs, in turn. In the end you get the restaurant Fifteen London. A concept that has since been adopted in France in the TV program "Oui chef ! "This very popular restaurant in London serves a modern and refined cuisine with Mediterranean influences. Jamie Oliver has become a true international star thanks to these books and TV programs in England. Its reputation contributes greatly to the success of this London restaurant. It should be noted that the concept did not stop there: indeed, the Fifteen Foundation, created following the programme, continues to train young people in difficulty.

Restaurant Le Gavroche

Address: 43 Upper Brook Street, London W1K 7QR Telephone: + 44 (0)20 7 499 1826 Neighbourhood: Mayfair Subway: Marble Arch Cooking: Gastronomic In the heart of London, in the Mayfair district, is the restaurant Le Gavroche, a true guarantor of the French tradition. This great restaurant (2 Michelin stars) was created in 1967 by Albert and Michel Roux. For the past fifteen years, Michel Roux fils has been in charge of the kitchen. It offers a refined seasonal cuisine, inventive and elaborated from French local products. The setting is cosy, classic,... in short London, the wine list is perfect and the service is attentive and discreet. On the menu of this reference in French gastronomy: Escalope de Foie Gras Chaud and Pastilla with Cinnamon, roasted Pyrenean suckling lamb and its flageolet stew or Swiss Soufflé, the signature of the establishment. Not to be missed!

Momo Restaurant

Address: Heddon Street, 25, London W1B4BH Telephone: + 44 (0)20 7434 4040 Neighbourhood: Soho / West End Subway: Piccadilly Circus Cooking: Moroccan Mourad Mazouz, a self-taught entrepreneur, has become in a few years an institution in the world of catering. The designer, assisted by Pierre Gagnaire du Sketch, started his London adventure in 1997 with the Momo restaurant. Quickly the success was at the rendezvous of this Moroccan restaurant. Its typical Middle Eastern décor, its benches with soft cushions, glass lamps decorated with gold make this unique place a landmark for stars. This true palace of 1001 nights serves a refined cuisine of typical Maghreb dishes (couscous, tagines, meatballs,...) accompanied by a mint tea "good as over there". Come and enjoy it in the tea room created just next door, Mo Tearoom and Bazaar, and let yourself be tempted by an oriental pastry.

Nobu Restaurant

Address: 19 Old Park Lane, London WIY 4LB Telephone: + 44 20 7447 47 47 47 Neighbourhood: Mayfair Subway: Piccadilly Circus Cooking: Japanese Opened in 1997 by Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa, London's Nobu is located on the 5th floor of the Metropolitan Hotel London, in the Mayfair district. This restaurant, ranked 30th best restaurant in the world in 2008, is the must-see landmark for celebrities and businessmen. Here, Japanese cuisine is in the spotlight, but the chef adds a subtle Western touch. And the formula works. Nobu Matsuhisa has already opened 20 restaurants around the world: the first in Peru, but also in New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne, under the names of Nobu, Matsuhisa or Ubon. It should be noted that this restaurant has obtained a Michelin star, a rare thing for an Asian and trendy restaurant.

Sketch Restaurant

Address: 9 Conduit Street Mayfair, London W1S 2XG Phone: +44 870 777 777 4488 Neighbourhood: Mayfair Subway: Oxford Circus Cooking: French In 2002, the restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and chef Pierre Gagnaire (3 Michelin stars for his Parisian restaurant) created the Sketch. This French restaurant in London, located in Dior's former headquarters, has four rooms: the Lecture room and the Glade for lunch, the Parlour as a tea room with its delicious pastries and the Gallery for dinner. For this restaurant where design, gastronomy and art meet, Pierre Gagnaire has created imaginative dishes as beautiful as they are good: small red mullet, chili with citrus fruits, Lozère lamb and langoustine... With all these assets, the sketch quickly became a London reference for lovers of gastronomy.

Zuma Restaurant

Address: 5 Raphael Street, Westminster, London, SW7 1DL Phone: +44 20 7584 1010 Neighbourhood: Knightsbridge/Belgravia Subway: Knightsbridge Cooking: Japanese Located in the trendy Knightsbridge district, Zuma is one of London's most beautiful restaurants and one of the best Asian restaurants in London. Its decoration combines granite, wood and glass to perfection. Zuma blends a fusional and traditional cuisine, both sophisticated and westernized. This multicultural place has several dining areas (bar, lounge, sushi bar) but also a chef's table with 10 place settings sitting flush with the ground. Although minimalist, the cuisine of the Zuma London restaurant will not leave you hungry for the multitude of dishes, deserts and sake (22 varieties) on offer.
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