Sales abroad

Every year, at the beginning of January, the race for good deals begins and it becomes more and more difficult. But have you, the shopping aficionados, ever tried to organise a short shopping weekend in one of the European capitals? London, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid... there is more than just your favourite shopping centre! In London, they start on Boxing Day. It's worth it if you're a fan of trendy British brands but otherwise, the prices are relatively more expensive than in France. In Barcelona or Madrid, they start on January 7 and last until the end of February. The prices are already normally cheaper than in France so during the sales... !!!! Feel free to enter all the Zara, Mango, Bershka, Custo, Paramita, Desigual... and let go! In Rome, the sales start at the beginning of January and last until mid-March. In addition to the major classic Italian brands such as Armani, Dolce & Gabanna and co, lovers of shoes, accessories, shirts and shirts will be delighted in the districts or outlets outside the capital. So to your credit cards!
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