Choosing the right motorhome

Published on : 07 July 20203 min reading time

To enjoy your trip, there is nothing better than the motorhome, which guarantees greater freedom of movement and comfort. In addition to the economic and practical aspect, which is well suited to large families? For a successful trip, however, it is necessary to choose the right motorhome, which must correspond to your desires and needs. There is also a model palette, so making the right choice can become a real headache. Here are some criteria to consider when choosing your motorhome.

Consider the number of travellers

Whether you are investing in a new or used motorhome, it is necessary to first find out how many spaces are available before choosing one. The maximum number of available space varies according to the model, the length of the vehicle and the payload. To make the task easier, simply check the registration certificate or vehicle registration document, which generally indicates the number of authorised passengers and the number of seats, including the driver’s?

Choose the right motorization

For mechanics enthusiasts, it is often difficult to choose the right engine. To avoid finding the wrong parts, it is therefore recommended to be accompanied by experts or at least take into consideration some criteria. Among the points to check, there is mainly the power of the engine which ensures the ease, speed and comfort of travel. In this sense, engines under 130 HP should be banned. It is therefore better to invest in new powerful engines such as Fiat Ducato, which offers up to 180 HP and a 2.3L engine type.

There is also the chassis, which is an essential element not to be neglected. In this case, the Alko chassis is recommended, as it offers an excellent structure directly attached to the motorhome cab.

Consider comfort and aesthetics

o comfortably enjoy the sunny days in the motorhome, it is also important to consider the insulation, accessories such as the bed which must be accessible and comfortable, the fridge which must be in good working order and have a high capacity of capacity, in addition to the roof which must be resistant and anti-hail. Not to be forgotten the capacity of the hold and the capacity of the tanks. The choice of body type is also not the least important. The ideal solution is to choose the aluminium or polyester bodywork, which has the advantage of being lighter and more ecological.

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