The 6 best restaurants in Amsterdam

Published on : 06 July 20204 min reading time

When we talk about Amsterdam, do you immediately think of coffee shops, canals, the red light district and bicycles? Well, bingo! If you can spend a weekend in Amsterdam, you will not be surprised. All these ingredients will be an integral part of the stay. But feeling the cheerful and relaxed atmosphere of this human-sized city is not something you can describe! You must go there to understand, visit the city by boat or bicycle, stroll through the museums, laze on the terraces of the cafés and take the time to live! All the essence of Dutch culture comes from there! Breathe and enjoy!

Christophe Restaurant

Cooking: French

Restaurant Christophe is in the Jordaan district on the banks of the Canal des Lys. This French restaurant in Amsterdam, starred in the Michelin guide, is one of the most famous restaurants in Amsterdam. The number one asset of Restaurant Christophe’ is the quality of the raw materials and an authentic flavour. In an elegant and luxurious setting, the cuisine proposed by the new owners, sommelier Ellen Mansfield and chef Jean-Joel Bonsens, is a cuisine deliberately inspired by southern France and accompanied by Mediterranean flavours: fillet of whiting in papillote accompanied by merguez with Cévennes onions, tomato salad, fresh fig clafoutis with thyme granite.

Restaurant / Brasserie Harkema

Cooking: French, brewery

The Harkema brewery is located in the heart of Amsterdam, very close to DAM Square, the city’s central point. Located in a former tobacco factory, the Harkema brewery has recreated the atmosphere of the classic Parisian brewery with its high ceilings and wooden floor. The cuisine is typical of a bistro (grilled tuna, carpaccio, tartare, duck confit) for an excellent value for money. It should be noted that the establishment is open seven days a week.

Nomads Restaurant

Cooking: Moroccan

Le Nomads, inspired by the culture of nomad Bedouins, is a trendy restaurant in Amsterdam. This extraordinary restaurant located in the Jordaan district, founded by the creators of the Supperclub, is a true palace of a thousand and one nights. Lying in soft sofas, you can enjoy traditional and modern Arabic cuisine: mezzés in khibbez (Lebanese bread), hummus, fallafels and not to mention couscous. The clientele, rather thirty years old and a little bit wound up, is made up of people from the media, fashion and the arts. The music, on the other hand, is captivating and mixed by the resident DJ Jimmy Jazz. The trendy loungy trendy atmosphere allows you to fully enjoy the cocktails offered by the bar.

Restaurant Café Toscanini

Cooking: Italian

This small Italian restaurant located in the Jordaan district has quickly become a must. These fresh pasta, risotto, antipasti and other typical Italian dishes have ensured its success with the artists and boozers of Amsterdam. The atmosphere is authentic, warm in short it is a piece of Italy in one of the most typical districts of Amsterdam. If you let yourself be tempted, you won’t be able to stop coming back.

Zuid Zeeland Restaurant

Cooking: Traditional Dutch cuisine

Unlike many traditional Dutch restaurants with their dark wood and dimmed light, Zuid Zeeland welcomes you to its warm, bright and spacious atmosphere. The cuisine is light and fresh, with more emphasis on the quality of the dishes than on quantity. Located in an old building, this restaurant offers an exceptional view of the Herengracht Canal.

Restaurant the College Hotel

Cooking: Traditional Dutch cuisine

Located three kilometres from the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the College Hotel restaurant in Amsterdam serves a revisited traditional Flemish cuisine. The building dates from the 19th century. It is an old school and the restaurant is none other than the old gymnasium. The room is therefore bright and decorated in a very luxurious contemporary style. The refined cuisine is based on Dutch classics but with a modern approach such as warm eel with radishes, maple syrup and lemon. Notice to amateurs.

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