Weekend in Amsterdam: what to visit in Amsterdam in 2 or 3 days?

Amsterdam has a lot to offer. Spending the weekend in Amsterdam is the guarantee of not being bored. Between cultural visits and more festive evenings, the 2-3 days to visit Amsterdam will certainly leave you with wonderful memories. Here is a selection of the must-see for your weekend of visits to the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

#1: The Museums of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known worldwide for its museums. The Dutch capital has more than 50 museums that attract millions of visitors every year. Among the most famous are of course the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, or the Anne Frank House. You will find more original ones such as the Cannabis Museum or the Sex Museum for example.

#2: the old Centre of Amsterdam

It is the historic heart of the city and a must visit. We recommend that you start your visit in Dam Square where you will find the Royal Palace, the new church, the old church and Madame Tussaud's museum. To visit Amsterdam, forget your map of Amsterdam and get lost in the alleys. The centre of Amsterdam is relatively small and can be easily reached by foot. This is how you will feel the Dutch atmosphere and discover its hidden treasures such as the Beguinage, for example. Fans of shopping in Amsterdam can enjoy the city's two main shopping streets just a stone's throw from Dam Square.

#3 visits to Amsterdam: Rembrandtplein

Rembrandtplein is one of the liveliest places in Amsterdam with its restaurants and bars. It is the ideal place to have a drink after a hard day of visits or to go out in the evening.

#4: Amsterdam's Red Square

Is it necessary to present it? The Red-Light District is certainly the most visited in Amsterdam. Just a few years ago, it was a bad neighbourhood and a centre for all kinds of trafficking and prostitution. Today, it is more than just a must-see tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Its name comes from its many windows of houses, illuminated with light and red lanterns at the entrance where women sell their charms. In the red-light district, there are also many sex shops and coffee shops where you can try many kinds of cannabis and herbs... a little like on a menu card! However, it is forbidden to smoke grass on the street and it is forbidden to smoke tobacco in a coffee shop... To find out more, visit the Canabis Museum: The Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum.

#5: The Jordaan

Amsterdam's former working-class district has become a very popular district. This is where the Anne Frank House is located. Stroll along the canals, through its small streets and numerous art galleries. And to finish the evening, why not let yourself be tempted by one of the many trendy restaurants in the area?

#6: The Canals of Amsterdam

If you want to discover Amsterdam quickly and with your feet on the ground, we advise you to take a barge ride on the many canals. It is really the best way to enjoy the architectural beauties (no less than 7000 houses classified as Historic Monuments). These pretty leaning houses with bright colours reflected in the water is a magnificent spectacle. For a romantic moment, take a boat at night. The bridges are illuminated with lanterns and the atmosphere is soft and intimate.

#7: Cycling in Amsterdam

No, it's not a legend. There are an estimated 600,000 bicycles in Amsterdam! And after a stay in Amsterdam, you will understand that this is not far from the truth. In Amsterdam, bicycles are king! If you walk, know that as a pedestrian, you will not have priority and that bicycles reign supreme! So be careful before you cross a street. To do in the "local", you can also rent a bike and visit the city. Cycling also says a lot about the Dutch way of life. If you live in a large city, you will be surprised by the calm on the streets of Amsterdam. Bicycles are a big part of it!
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