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Published on : 07 July 20209 min reading time

We hackers love to travel but our financial capacity is not necessarily up to our desires! That doesn’t matter, that’s not what stops us. We have more than one trick under the hook to keep exploring the pirate-like world!

Choose the right country

You may have a specific destination in mind but know that this may not be the best time to go. The causes: currency too strong, popular destination, high season, country where the cost of living is high etc. If your current financial means are limited, you should prefer a country where life is not expensive on the spot, where it is not the peak tourist season during your dates, where the currency is less strong than the euro.

Tell yourself that you will have other moments to go to this country that makes you dream so much but that you can’t afford now. There are so many beautiful places to discover…. You will surely be pleasantly surprised by other destinations where you didn’t think you were going.

Buy your flight ticket

Finally comes the moment when you have to break your piggy bank and go to the till!

Two techniques: Either you make fun of the destination and jump on the first good cheap plan that is published.

Either you have chosen your destination and are afraid to pay the high price. To minimize the risk of ruin, favour departures and returns during the week, such as Tuesday to Wednesday, which would be among the cheapest days? Avoid school holidays and rush hours at weekends. For a weekend in a European capital, it is best to leave from Friday to Monday or from Saturday to Tuesday.

The off-peak period of the year when airline tickets are cheapest is February/March.

The best time to buy your flight ticket is during off-peak hours, for example at night or on Tuesdays at 3pm, when airlines lower prices. Do your research in private browsing to prevent sites from recognizing your IP address and increasing prices on the second visit!

Set alerts for opening airline ticket sales or watch for prices well in advance. For Asia or the Caribbean, it is preferable to book your flight 4 months in advance.

For long-haul flights, a direct flight will often be more expensive than a flight with a stopover, unless there is a special promotion.

There are many factors involved in buying a cheap flight ticket, but keep in mind that there must be flexibility in flight schedules and times. And if you don’t want to spend hours comparing and searching, watch out for our offers because we do it every day!

Choosing the right credit card

Almost all flight comparators add bank charges to the very last step of the booking process. The price changes as the type of credit card is indicated, so be sure to check before entering your card numbers.

Tip? Compare the booking sites…. Some charge less than others. For example, Expedia always displays the final price with card fees included.

Change your credit card if you travel a lot. For example, a Visa Premier or Gold Mastercard will provide you with many benefits during your travels, such as car rental insurance included, baggage refund in case of loss, compensation in case of cancellation and delay of more than 4 hours on a flight or train journey, coverage in case of delay (driver, hotel etc.), repatriation, medical assistance, lower withdrawal costs abroad. In short, many advantages to consult with your bank.

Also, there are loyalty programs such as FyingBlue in partnership with American Express. Each purchase with your card will earn you miles to redeem at AirFrance or all their partner companies, and even at hotels, shops, car rental companies etc.

Special sales

All airlines make flash sales and promotional offers; you should just be aware because they do not last long and impose a reservation deadline and a travel period. If you follow us regularly, you will not miss them because we monitor this type of offer every day! The companies’ newsletters also keep you informed of upcoming offers.

Last Minute

One of the main secrets is to book your trip in advance, but on the other hand, leaving at the last minute allows you to find some treasures. The key word: flexibility!

It can be really cool to leave on a whim, pack your suitcase and leave a few days later! However, beware of sites that offer false discounts and inflate the base price by making it look like a -70% discount. If you don’t know much about it, our knowledgeable eye can detect real promotions.

Going out with several people

Many of you ask us for cheap solo trips… if you go through an agency, there will often be a single supplement. In this case, the best thing to do is to go on an adventure trip alone, giving priority to shared rooms or else you will pay the full price of a double room.

To keep costs to a minimum: go with several people! Many expenses will be divided by 2,3,4. You can save money on car rental, fuel, apartment rental and food.

The most tolerant may find travel companions on forums so that they do not go alone or meet them during their trip, for example in youth hostels that facilitate meetings between travellers.

An alternative way of travelling

Get out of the traditional schemes proposed by tour operators. Use local public transport, carpool, stop (be careful, only a few destinations lend themselves well to this, such as New Zealand, Iceland, Australia and not to be done if you are a single girl or even two girls).

Sleep in a local house for free with Couchsurfing, or cheaper than in a hotel with Airbnb, go camping, sleep in your vehicle, van. Work against accommodation and food with HelpX (finds out if you need a work visa or not in the destination or you want to do HelpX). HelpX gives you free time but not enough to get away because you will only have free afternoons, for example. It is an ideal way to discover local life if you do not want to travel a country in length, breadth and depth in just 2 weeks.

Do a humanitarian or environmental mission. Depending on the organizations, the costs for these programs are sometimes exorbitant, so compare well before you commit. If you have a job that allows you to find an assignment easily then don’t hesitate to try it.

Travel to your friends’ houses

Are you a traveller? You probably have friends or acquaintances somewhere in the world! Take advantage of a trip to visit them and then it’s really nice to travel with the locals. They will be delighted to welcome you and introduce you to their country and culture, do not hesitate to ask. Whoever asks for nothing has nothing. You will welcome them back into your home one day and thus perpetuate your friendship.

With Facebook, it’s easy to connect with friends of friends. Ask around if anyone has a friend in the city where you are going who can accommodate you for 1 or 2 nights. You’ll even win a new friend in this story!

When the housing part is eliminated or reduced, you save a lot of money.

Live local

Travelling cheaper means adopting the local way of life; remember that you will not eat good cheese with a good bottle of French wine abroad. It will cost you an arm! To eat cheaply, adopt local customs, taste local products, you will make beautiful discoveries about the country. I’m sure you can do without your favourite brand of rusks for 7 breakfasts.

Make sure you can’t have enough for your hotel’s buffet breakfast, eat on the run for lunch and have a small restaurant in the evening; you won’t spend too much in this way. The best plan of all time: eat “noodles moments” in your car or in the hotel room. Many will recognize each other. Well, you don’t have to take this advice.

Travelling alone

Do you like to travel alone? You let go to the whims of your desires, explore tourist sites but also more remote places, off the beaten track, makes you want to? Travelling alone means discovering yourself and refocusing on yourself, but also gaining self-confidence. The trip is an adventure in itself, but travelling alone is something special: you will come home proud and with memories in your head.

Hiking stay

The nature is so beautiful, and the hikes so pleasant, why not try a hiking trip? Enjoy nature and walking at no cost to you and promises you great memories.

In the countryside or in the mountains, go hiking: alone, with a partner, with family or friends, hiking is suitable for everyone. You will need nothing but good shoes, and even the accommodation will not cost you much since many stopover gites are available at a low price.

Cruise Travel

Cruising is a great opportunity to save money.  If you want to visit several countries but your time and budget are limited, then a cruise is your solution!

When you take a holiday, you don’t count the expenses: plane, hotel, rental car, then once there the food, the gas, the souvenirs and the activities…   With a cruise it’s all included!  Don’t bother counting every expense anymore, the price of the cruise is almost the final price of your holiday.  Enjoy all the comfort of a ship, full board, and breath-taking scenery, all at a low price: cruises are the right thing to do!

Travel circuit

On the same principle as the cruise, the tour offers you the opportunity to visit several places (cities, or countries) in a single trip. By car, train, bus, bicycle… Take the road and discover many wonders. How to save during a circuit? You can rent a fitted van: 2in1, the fitted van will be your means of transport and accommodation.

Also, many companies now offer all-inclusive tours: flights, accommodation, activities, and food. This is a good way to leave with a light mind. Feel free to check our site for all-inclusive tour offers.

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