Which means of transport should I choose to travel?

Published on : 07 July 20203 min reading time

You are about to go on holiday, but you have not yet made a decision about the means of transport you will use? To make your choice easier, we offer you some tips here.

Going by car for the holidays

The car is surely the most convenient mode of transport for going on holiday. That’s why most holidaymakers use it. If you are going with your family, with children and the trip is feasible by car, this is certainly the best solution. Indeed, by taking a car, you would not have any constraints on schedules and travel. In addition, you can decide to stop whenever you want and you can even change direction as you wish. So you are totally free in your activities. In addition, you can take the car of your choice, so you can enjoy the comfort and carry the entire luggage you need. However, you should be aware that going on holiday by car also has some disadvantages. Depending on your destination, for example, the price of gasoline can be expensive and there is also the price of tolls. In addition, if you don’t choose the right car, you can be out of order at any time. And if traffic jams are present, the journey will be longer, less pleasant and more tiring. Finally, to save more money and enjoy a more pleasant trip, you can opt for carpooling to go on holiday. It is a good solution if you go alone or in pairs.

Go on holiday by train

If you don’t like travelling by car, you can choose the train that also allows you to enjoy a pleasant trip alone, with family or friends. Of course, by travelling by train, you will be less free than by travelling with a car, but you will benefit from the cost of the journey and you will be less tired. Moreover, it’s a good way to meet people if you’re single. In addition, the train journey allows you to enjoy beautiful landscapes, rest and be in the comfort of your own cabin. The only small disadvantage with the train is that, most of the time; the journey is not direct, as there are many stops and connections. This means that the travel time can be longer. In addition, when you arrive at your destination, you will still have to look for another means of transport to get you to your accommodation.

Go on holiday by plane

For a long journey, flying is the best way to get around. It is very comfortable and more pleasant whether you go alone or with others. It also provides access to the most remote areas that cannot be reached by car or train. However, flying is the most expensive mode of transportation and requires a lot of planning in advance, such as booking, purchasing a ticket, etc. And unlike with the car, you can’t take everything you want with you when you travel by plane.

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