The Blue lagoon: a site of great beauty to do absolutely!

Published on : 01 November 20194 min reading time

Most Icelandic tourist tours include the blue lagoon because it is one of the most beautiful sites in this destination. A magnificent geothermal site, this place is known throughout the world thanks to the hot water baths that can be made there. And with the ambient temperature being low and therefore in contrast to the warm water, the blue lagoon is simply unavoidable to experience new sensations.

Blue Lagoon: a unique place for a unique experience

Commonly called Blue lagoon, the blue lagoon is an artificial lake that is distinguished by a milky turquoise blue colour. It is in the heart of a lava field, less than an hour’s drive from the capital Reykjavik.

The lake is artificial, but its water is entirely natural. It is drilled at a depth of more than 2,000m, at nearly 240°C. It reaches the surface with a temperature of 30 to 39°C and has a high content of silica, mineral salts and algae.

In addition to the basic benefits of a hot thermal water bath, blue lagoon has positive effects on the skin. Its water boosts natural skin barriers and cures psoriasis and eczema. Moreover, a dermatological clinic is open near the lagoon for those who want to better enjoy the components of this water.

Blue lagoon: tourist catch or breath-taking real site?

As the blue lagoon is one of the most visited sites by tourists in Iceland, some people wonder if it is worth a visit. There are several reasons that should convince you if you are asking yourself the same question.

First, the site and its surroundings are magnificent. And it is accessible all year round, unlike some sites that close in winter. Then there are other services in addition to hot baths. For example, you can eat there or have a massage. You can also enjoy a hot waterfall that massages your shoulders. In addition, it is also possible to enjoy a guided tour.

Let us also talk about modern infrastructure. A reliable electronic system makes it easier to pay for everything. So, you can order drinks, access your locker, etc. through a simple electronic bracelet. So yes, the tourist flow is important, but the place is objectively worth the detour. Moreover, those who really have trouble with the crowd can discover here some tips from travellers.

Blue Lagoon: some practical information

Access to the Blue lagoon is subject to a fee with three packages of your choice:

– Comfort Blue Lagoon

– Premium Blue Lagoon

-Luxury Retreat Spa

The access price varies according to the dates and times of the visit, so it is advisable to make a simulation on the official Blue Lagoon website to know the budget to be planned. In any case, you can pay from 50€ for the basic package. This rate includes access to the site, a silica mud mask, a towel and a drink of your choice. The Premium package includes these same services with a few others in addition: second mask of your choice, use of slippers and bathrobe, reservation of a table at the site restaurant and sparkling wine for those who stay for dinner. Of course, the service is much more extensive with the Luxury package. This one is ideal as a gift for a wedding anniversary, for example.

Include the Blue lagoon in your tour if you are staying a few days in Iceland. It is not the most visited site in the country for nothing. You have a lot of trouble with very touristic places or simply want to discover sites like the Blue lagoon? Discover free or cheaper alternatives by clicking here.

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